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Nature of the Project Duration Name of the funding Agency Total grant sanctioned Amount received during the year
Minor Projects One year ICSSR 250000
Students Research Projects 2 Months Shanti Nikentan School, Pollachi 3,000 3,000
Minor Projects 2 years UGC 1,35,000 1,28,000
Students Research Projects 2019-2020 TNSCST 15000 15000
Minor Projects 2017 – 2019 UGC 1,10,000 12,000
Projects sponsored by the University/ College 1Year Arutchelver Junior Research fellowship 60,000 60,000
Students Research Projects 16March 2018 Onwords Central Institute of Classical Tamil 3,12,000 36000
DST-NIMAT project for EAC -Entrepreneurial Awareness Camp 2019-2020 Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India 20,000 16,000
Students Research Projects 6 months Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology 7500 7500
Students Research Projects 2 months Science Academies 25000

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