Teaching-learning and Evaluation

The College has a transparent admission policy. Admission of students into all Programs is made on merit basis and in accordance with the government’s rules on reservation policy. The college organizes a short- term Bridge Course for the students to throw light on the rules and regulations, course details, Vision, Mission, aim and objectives of the college. Students are informed about advantages and facilities such as various scholarships, endowment schemes, add- on courses, extra-curricular activities and so on by the respective

A Proctoring Card of each student that provides personal details and academic performance is maintained. Remedial courses are offered to students in the first year. The learning needs of the advanced learners are identified by the faculty through their academic and extracurricular performance and personal interaction.

Technologies such as smart class-rooms, Google classrooms, PowerPoint presentations, Computer Assisted Language Labs and Audio visual gadgets are employed for ICT enabled teaching. The college has a well-structured feedback mechanism to assess the quality of teaching. The college renders counseling to students through counselors. The needs of differently-abled students are fulfilled by ensuring adherence to government policies. Visually impaired students are allowed to take their examinations with the assistance of scribes. They are provided with ramps and wheelchairs and PWD friendly restrooms. The evaluation system comprises CIA and two internal examinations, followed by the End-of-Semester Examinations, where questions are set on the pattern of Bloom’s Taxonomy. The evaluation process is error-free and transparent.