Research, Innovations and Extension

An institution transform into a Centre of Academic Excellence only when research joins hands with teaching- learning process. The college ensured an advantageous atmosphere to merge Teaching and Research. To promote research culture among the faculty and students, the college has made Research as one of its best practices. Research centers are established in certain Departments. Teachers have been awarded doctoral degrees by various universities. There are 122 PhD holders in the college of which 67 teachers are University approved research supervisors and currently many teachers are pursuing PhD programs. Seed money is provided to faculty members for applying for Research Projects. Besides this, scholars are carrying out active
research in socially relevant areas.

Research bent of mind and its realization in practical terms is the magic key to innovation. The department of Zoology has developed a Vermi Compost unit in an eco-friendly manner using litter and degradable waste. Department of Botany has established a small scale commercial mushroom cultivation. PG Department of Commerce with International Business launched new products in the market as part of their curriculum. The department of Chemistry has established a small scale production unit of handmade organic soap. Research scholars of Department of Physics help in synthesizing the Nano particles in their lab. The relationship between the college and the society has been strengthened by the outreach and extension activities. Student units of NSS, NCC, YRC and RRC periodically organize camps, rallies, awareness programs etc. in the nearby adopted villages by focusing on the issues prevailing in the society.