Library is automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)

The Library is fully computerized with open access to all. Integrated Library Management System is used. Internet facility is
provided for the registered users. Intranet –OPAC can be viewed in the library. OPAC provides details about Books, Periodicals, and Page 34/63 01-12-2022 11:16:47

Thesis dissertations. The digital library gives access to major E-resources of (Subscribed) such as NLIST, DELNET online, and NDL. There are more than 1000 academic-related links to access through the Digital library and also access open access journals. The Barcoded ID card is provided for entry to the users. The entry of the users is documented by a scanner at the entrance of the library.

The Autolib is a web-based ILS with the following Features
1. Developed using JAVA and MYSQL
2. Complete Web-Based Support
3. Works on Windows OS and Linux
4. This application works with the internet and intranet using static IP
5. Data import utility from Excel for books and members
6. Circulation: Issue, Return, and Renewal
7. Cataloguing: Entry and Search The Documents
8. OPAC: Online Public Access catalog
9. Administration: Maintenance of Records and Documents
10. Report: Report the statistics and budgets
11. Gate Entry: Maintain the records of visitors