Courses Offered By NGM College – Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com]

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Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com]

The NGM College in Pollachi offers a plethora of courses for students seeking a career in commerce, accounting, and business. Let’s explore some of these fascinating courses and see how NGM College can help you unlock your potential and achieve your dreams.

General Commerce: The Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] degree offers a foundational education in commerce, including accounting, finance, economics, and business law. This course is ideal for students who are looking for an all-encompassing education in commerce and want to pursue a career in a related field.

B.Com. Banking and Insurance:

This course focuses on the financial sector, including banking, insurance, and risk management. This program is designed to equip students with skills and knowledge necessary for a career in banking, finance, or insurance. The course also includes internships in financial institutions, providing students with practical experience.

B.Com. Computer Applications:

With technology rapidly changing the way we live and work, it’s crucial to have a strong understanding of computer applications. The Computer Applications course at NGM College teaches students about the latest software applications and programming languages used in the industry.

B.Com. E-Commerce:

The continual growth of e-commerce has created new opportunities for students interested in the intersection of technology and business. This course teaches students the ins and outs of e-commerce, including online marketing, web development, and e-commerce strategies.

B.Com. Business Process Services:

Business process services cover a wide array of services that organizations use to support business operations. This course teaches students about the process outsourcing industry, including accounting, finance, and IT services.

B.Com. Professional Accounting:

Professional accounting course provides students with an in-depth knowledge of accounting practice and principles. This course is suitable for students who want to pursue a career in accounting or wish to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

B.Com. International Business:

International business offers an exciting opportunity for students who want to explore business beyond national borders. This course offers an international perspective on business and can help students develop the necessary skills to work in a competitive global market.

In conclusion, NGM College Pollachi offers a range of courses for individuals to pursue their career aspirations. Whether it’s general commerce or professional accounting, NGM College has a range of courses to help set you up for a bright future. All courses are designed to prepare students for the challenges of the modern business world while also providing them with practical experience. So why wait? Enrol yourself in one of NGM College’s courses and take the first step towards an exciting career.


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