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Very Good (A) 4.00- 3.01Good (B) 3.00- 2.01Satisfactory (C) 2.00- 1.51Unsatisfactory(D) 1.50 -0.0
Relevance of course taught in relation to present job.
Quality of Academics of the University.
Quality of academic resources namely teachers, course material, etc.
Infrastructure Facilities like Library, Computer Laboratory, Canteen and other Campus facilities.
Usage ofteaching aids/gadgets, handouts, suggestion of references, ppts, web resources, etc.
Encouragement to Students for participation in various co-curricular& extra- curricular activities.
Conducive & safe environment for academics and sports performance.
Handling of student’s grievances.
Opportunities for on- campus and off- campus placement byT&PCell.
Hospitality of Institute after passing out.
Regular updatesfrom the Institute through Mails/Calls/SMS
Overall Personality Development during the course undertaken.
Overall, how would you rate your experience with us?
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