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“Multiple Perspectives, Single Vision”


Our dream is to make the College an institution of excellence at the national level by imparting quality education of global standards to make students academically superior, socially committed, ethically strong, spiritually evolved and culturally rich citizens to contribute to the holistic development of the self and society.


Training students to become role models in academic arena by strengthening infrastructure, upgrading curriculum, developing faculty, augmenting extension services and imparting quality education through an enlightened management and committed faculty who ensure knowledge transfer, instil research aptitude and infuse ethical and cultural values to transform students into disciplined citizens in order to improve quality of life.


  • To have Parent-Child connectivity at NGM.
  • To instil core human values – empathy, sympathy and integrity.
  • To implant self-respect as the crux of the character.
  • To empower students to convert knowledge into wisdom.
  • To grow into a green citizen.


Nallamuthu Gounder Mahalingam College designs academic programmes to impart quality education that promotes holistic development of students by

  • Providing domain knowledge
  • Exploiting technology for learning
  • Pursuing research leading to dissemination of knowledge
  • Fostering the talents of the students
  • Devising strategies for quality assessment
  • Adopting prudent financial management
  • Ensuring fair governance
  • Promoting social values and inclusiveness

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Graduates of Nallamuthu Gounder Mahalingam College (Autonomous) are

  • Knowledgeable in their Discipline and Skilled Communicators
  • Responsible Citizens of the Nation by Discharging their Duties, Promoting Indian Culture & Protecting her Diversity
  • Critical Thinkers & Problem Solvers
  • Effective Users of Technology for Personal & Social Good
  • Self-learners with a Passion to Engage Locally& Globally

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